Long Ranger

Long Ranger

The Long Ranger represents a complete redesign of the flat-faced pre-travel reduction Glock trigger.
We designed it with three things in mind; Safety, Reliability, and Appearance.
Safety is paramount in our products. Read more about our Design, Safety, Reliability, and Warranty below.
Fits all generation Glocks, 1-5.
This and all triggers we make may not be drop safe with the PSA DAGGER Glock clone. We have seen cases where the cruciform does not sit firmly on the safety shelf.



Designed with precision dynamics in pull and pre-travel reduction, and featuring a cross-cut texture cut in the trigger shoe face where your finger makes contact. The perfect trigger for repetitive follow-up shots, keeping the finger from sliding down the trigger face. This pattern cut is in both the shoe and safety face. There is NO slick surface where your finger touches. We don’t charge extra for adding function and common sense. We do it because it works and makes sense.

Enhanced Safety Features:

Metal stability versus polymer bend.
Maintains and stabilizes internal drop safeties.
Trigger safety cut closer to the frame so that clothing will not impede or compromise safety if the weapon is carried under clothing.
Diamond rough-cut trigger face to maintain firm purchase on the trigger as opposed to slippery smooth polymer trigger which causes nervous replacement of trigger finger. 
Extremely predictable trigger pull as opposed to mushy unpredictable “slide through” stock polymer.
Better trigger control under stress.

The design of this trigger shoe leaves all three Glock safeties in place when properly installed. We increased the trigger safety length by 1/16th of an inch, broadened the safety head and conformed the head to the curve of the polymer frame it sits against. All of this provides internal safety stability and takes away movement and wobble. Secondly, we increased the trigger bar pocket 5 degrees allowing the trigger shoe to move forward just enough to force the cruciform onto the safety ledge. The result of these two changes makes this one of the safest after-market flat-faced triggers in the industry.

In this design, we removed the roll pin safety and spring retention and made this a one-sided Allen set screw. After application of Loctite, this Allen screw will NOT move. It is flush with the outer wall of the shoe and can be removed to exchange trigger safeties.
The trigger pull maintains the Glock factory poundage of about 5.5 lbs however, the pre-travel is eliminated and when the trigger safety is depressed you are “at the pull wall”. The rubbery pull associated with a Glock trigger is gone, no more sandy, gritty, pre-travel to go through. It is a stable platform that will enhance your trigger pull. The “polymer wobble” is gone. Trigger reset is a very distinct click both via hearing and feel.
If for any reason you don’t like the trigger at any time we own it. We will replace it or refund your money. Period.
No conditions, no caveats, no legal team with a paragraph of conditions you must meet.


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