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Meet The Men Behind The Brand

Andy Bell (Owner)

“Life is better when you are in the woods, sitting by a fire or next to a stream and the only thing you can hear is the wind. Throw a dog or two in that and its Nirvana.”

Andy is a veteran, father, grandfather and avid shooter and instructor. He is our elder statesman. He splits his time between working, teaching marksmanship courses, and finding his peace at a fire or a stream. If you’ve ordered from us you got a personal email or phone call from him. If you order from us in the future you have that to look forward to.

He likes dogs more than people, thinks Lonesome Dove is the greatest movie ever made, and daydreams about being born in the wild west where you could shoot someone for cheating at poker.

Danny Alvarez (Partner)

“You’re not moving as fast as I want you to. I need you to pick it up to Millennium Falcon level instead of the turtle in peanut butter speed you’re going at.”

Danny is a father, veteran, advocate, public servant, philanthropist, and one of the owners of Ranger Proof Swag. He splits his time between being a father, running his law practice, serving his community in numerous roles, and developing all marketing and sales strategies for Ranger Proof Swag. Danny is chiefly responsible for every communication you get from us no matter the platform. So it’s his fault if you don’t like what we put out.

Danny thinks that Andy’s pants are at least 25 years old, that his children are the best reason to get up in the morning, and that everyone around him moves too slow.


This is just a brief overview, and we’d love to tell you more about who we are, what we do, and why we believe Ranger Proof Swag is one of a kind. Contact us today- we’d love to hear from you!

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