We are American Veterans with a decent view of what it means to be AMERICAN. We work hard and have our whole lives. We think when you buy something it should be guaranteed without 17 paragraphs of disclaimers. We think being American should mean something other than getting offended at stupid inconsequential issues. We do not get offended if people don’t like us because we are Americans or Veterans. In fact, it makes us happy.

100% US MADE

We don’t say “made in America” lightly. Many companies have the materials sourced by foreign companies, manufactured by foreign companies and call it “American” because it was assembled here. THAT….is not American. In fact, that’s just a sales lie. We source our materials in America that was found and produced by Americans in America. Americans manufacture it and American hands anodize, cerekote, assemble, and ship in and from America. Yes, we could go to other countries and have our gear made at half the cost but it seems stupid to us that we pay foreign people who don’t like us anyhow to produce something with cheap material, cheap labor, and poor quality.

Many people come here from foreign countries and become Americans. Its who we are. Its WHAT we are. Our ancestors came here and adopted an ideal, a dream, and pursued it. We worked for it, fought for it, bled for it, and we live for it. We live America. If that doesn’t bang your shutters and offends you, you can bet your ass we will still sleep at night. We do America for America with American materials.

The Name

The term “Ranger Proof” is not our invention, it’s a term synonymous with pieces of equipment that stood the test of the quintessential Ranger Private. If a Ranger couldn’t break it, it was unbreakable. If a Ranger couldn’t make it fail, then it was fail-proof. If it was both, it was Ranger Proof. We aspire to make all of our products Ranger Proof.


This is just a brief overview, and we’d love to tell you more about who we are, what we do, and why we believe Ranger Proof Swag is one of a kind. Contact us today- we’d love to hear from you!

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