The latest in our line of Glock-style triggers designed for maximum performance.

Ranger Proof Gear Triggers are

100% American Made

Many make the claim, but few can truly deliver shooting gear that is 100% American made, from 100% American materials. We believe making products this way is good for our economy, and our country.



Ranger Proof Swag Marsh Rifle Sling



Our Warranty
Is Simply Unheard of.

If for any reason you don’t like one of our products at any time we own it.
We will replace it or refund your money. Period.
No conditions, no caveats, no legal team with a paragraph of conditions you must meet.

Ranger Proof Defined

Rangers are inherently hard on gear, and equipment by virtue of their jobs. We knew that if a Ranger could not break it or make it inoperable, he would just eat it. Our gear is made tough enough for a Ranger…. and totally inedible. Our shooting gear products are RANGER PROOF.