A Bit About Our Company

If you were asked to define your company ethos in just one statement, what would it be? How do you want your company to be viewed by potential customers or competitors? At Ranger Proof Swag, we believe the answer to these question says a great deal about the beliefs and ethics of the company. Whether you are a loyal customer or would never think about touching one of our products, we want everyone to know our three core values: Truth, Commitment, and Quality above customer acquisition and profit margins. We want you to walk away knowing that even if our product doesn’t meet your needs, we will go out of our way to help you find what will. To us, the satisfaction of our customers matters well over making the dollar.

The Men Behind the SWAG

We started our company by cutting up old suitcases and making runs to Hobby Lobby for thread and needles to make the first prototype slings and holsters. We then bought a sewing machine that looked like it could have been made during George Washington’s second term of presidency. After 3 months of trial and error, we sold it at a garage sale, and hand sewed the first slings with a needle and thread (…and lots of coffee!). Soon after completing these initial products, we found a local manufacturer that was willing to give them a shot. So that’s how it all started—a few men in a garage with blisters and needle wounds, funding everything straight from our pockets. We’re proud to say we’re no longer working out of a garage, but who we were in the beginning is still who we are today. From that moment on, we decided that our motivation would not come from making money, but from our commitment to the quality of our products and loyalty to our customers.

3 things we want to leave you with:
  1. We stand by our products and guarantee your complete satisfaction. If you wake up one morning and suddenly don’t like the color you picked out, send it back and we will provide you with a new product.
  2. We care more about satisfying the needs of our customers than trying to convince you to buy our products; however, if you do, we are always open to your feedback and criticism. We want to know how to better serve you.
  3. We’re committed to quality, we’re uncompromising, and we’re not changing.

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