[fits all Glock models gen 1-4]


The Ranger Proof SWAG ‘The Edge’ Trigger is a flat faced design, made of high strength aerospace-grade aluminum with an enhanced, widened trigger safety. The RG G-1 eliminates all pre-travel found in your OEM trigger immediately breaking upon pull.


We love Glocks and we use them in our training courses. When the Glock 43 came out, we were excited about the prospect of a single stack so we put it through the paces. Being so small and snappy, the OEM trigger took its toll on the shooters fingers after hundreds of rounds on the range. This affected both accuracy and stamina and we needed something better. We looked all over for a reliable solution and couldn’t find a thing we liked. So…. we just went and made one! In our search, it turns out that what fits in the 43 also fits in all Glocks and the idea was born. We were shocked at what people are charging today for something so basic but necessary. After extensive testing of the production samples, we were convinced we wanted to bring this to you a high quality, 100% American made product that made your gun better without destroying your wallet to get there. Introducing the Ranger Proof Edge Glock Trigger made by Veterans for everyone. This trigger is what we carry everyday. We wouldn’t put it out if we would not put our own lives in its hands! We hope you like it as much as we liked developing the product to bring to you. America!


The Ranger Proof Edge Glock-Style Trigger is named after a man we look up to and admire. Ian Edge, from Tallahassee, Florida, who left behind a career in music to serve his country and joined the Army. As a combat medic with the 10th Mountain Division in 2011, Ian was on his way to render aide to a fallen soldier when he was hit by an improvised explosive device. He lost a leg above the knee, part of his hand and had severe injuries over the whole of his body. While Ian’s story with an IED is not unique in the Afghan theater, what he did afterwards was inspirational. He shuns the attention, but we couldn’t help but be moved by the dedication Ian has towards thriving despite his injuries. He returned to the stage and toured the nation as a working musician, he is raising one son with another on the way, he competes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (read that story here) against full bodied athletes and he is studying to become a respiratory therapist. It is this humble, against all odds attitude that made naming our trigger after Ian an easy choice. It, like him, speaks for himself.
CLICK HERE to watch Ian receive the hometown hero award.






  • “This trigger is phenomenal. I put it on my old original Glock 26 trigger bar, that I did a 25 cent polish on a year ago, with a zev race connector and I get under 3.5# pull. Compared to the OC Custom trigger and one I had made by a local gunsmith, this wins hands down. There is no pretravel, no squish and negligible over travel. All this with a trigger that you put on an OEM trigger bar. I can’t wait to take it to the range and see how well it fires. You need to get the word out on this. As a retired mechanical engineer, I am impressed with the design. The trigger is removable and can be put on most glocks.”
    -Dave N.
  • “WOW, with this trigger, you get MORE than you pay for!!!!! I installed it a Glock 34 Gen 4 and it functions exactly as advertised. No more pre-travel, it’s just gone. The flat trigger face is allot more comfortable, and wider than the stock one. The trigger break is crisp, with a smooth, obvious reset. Trigger pull doesn’t change much, if at all. This is a great product that I would highly recommend. Add a (-) connector and a polished stainless steel safety plunger and it gets even better.

    Thanks for a great trigger, keep up the good work!!!”
    -Dennis O.

  • “Do yourselves favor and buy this trigger. %100 satisfied, ordered mine thru royal arms website that directed me to Andy bell who is a badass. Best customer service experience IV had in long time.never had issue with stock Glock triggers until I used this one .within few rounds proofed its worth, forget the others that cost twice as much .plus supporting a company that is owned by some fellow grunts and is u.s. made is all the better.”
    -Adam H.
  • “Absolutely love the trigger. I have mine coupled with a Zev competition connector and polished stock internals and it is flawless. The near zero take up, firm wall and clean, crisp break in this trigger are exactly what I want in my Glocks.”
    -Matt Blalock

    Elite Glock Customizer and Owner of 5b Gunworx
  • “I loved everything about my Glock except for the trigger. Then I was introduced to the Ranger Proof Edge and it changed everything. Between the comfortable flat face, and the pre-travel being virtually eliminated it now feels like the shot is being placed in one seamless thought and motion.”
    -Robbie S.
  • “One of my few complaints about Glock handguns has always been the long mushy take up in the factory trigger pull. When I purchased my G-43 for concealed carry, I told myself I’d just put up with the sub-par feel of the trigger…After all, it’s a defensive handgun, not a target shooter and I definitely didn’t want to mess with any of the internal safety components by installing an aftermarket trigger system. That was until I came across the Ranger Proof Edge. I installed it in a few minutes and was absolutely amazed at the improvement. That awful mushy take-up is completely gone and is replaced by an incredibly crisp break which feels like it’s pretty much already at the “wall” when you begin to pull it. Considering the Edge maintains all 3 internal factory safety mechanisms, it was a no brainer for me and I couldn’t be happier that I decided to “pull the trigger” on it!”
    -Isaac Lapidus
  • “The fit, finish, and feel of the RangerProof Edge Trigger is outstanding! I like most people, hated the creep and feel of the factory trigger shoe, the Edge takes 99.9% of that away! I like knowing that when I engage the Saftey on the trigger, I’m at that wall already, and ready to engage. My target grouping has shrunk drastically thanks to the RangerProof Edge. Hands down, the best. Period.”
    -Nick Grudnosky
  • “Ok, how does this sound.
    I’ve been a glock guy for 20 years, I’ve tried several after market products and found most to be riddled with problems from FTF’s to stove piping. Not to mention the legalities that could be encountered if you change the manufacturer’s trigger pull poundage and you find yourself in a fight for your life, not with the assailant but with a prosecutor. Needless to say, I was always disappointed in the afyer market options. Then one day I read about a new option. From a company whos ethos and integrity got my attention. I reached out to them, why wouldn’t I? All Army vets, with a love for the second amendment that rivals my own. They delivered a product that exceeded my wildest expectations. The Ranger Proof glock trigger kept everything about the glock trigger you like and rid everything about it you hate. Crisp action, minimal reset, negligible sweep. All in one simple modification at a reasonable cost. Made in America, by Americans.”

    -Clark D.