The Hybrid Ranger is a collaborative effort between Ranger Proof Gear and Johnny Glocks from initial design to production.
This is one of the smoothest operating triggers we have ever seen or built. Simple to install, remove, and 100% American made.
It fits ALL models and generations of Glock including the smaller 42, 43, and 43X.
This and all triggers we make may not be drop safe with the PSA DAGGER Glock clone. We have seen cases where the cruciform does not sit firmly on the safety shelf.



A collaboration of 3 was built into this trigger.
Ranger Proof Gear, the Glock Yoda himself Johnny Glock, and an Engineering/CAD savant sat at our dinner table and designed this well-designed masterpiece. Everything was on the table. We wanted a slimmer, smoother, and reliable safety that moved without effort. We wanted built-in stops that minimized tilt in both directions. We wanted a flat face trigger with a curved front that actually conforms to the finger as the finger touches it. And, it had to be total function, totally safe, and an add-on to your Glock where you can see, feel, and hear the quality. And of course, minimizing pre-travel and reset. We knocked this one out of the park.

While bling is available we are sticking to basics on this one. It comes in all colors and we can make the highlights in shiny metal. Safeties are available in all colors. And, as always a guarantee that is the simplest in the industry. If you don’t like it we own it. Period. Full refund or exchange. We do triggers. And do them for some of the best builders in the business. Johnny Glocks, Alien Tactical, Zaffiri Precision, Shark Coast Tactical, Unicorn Customs, Maritime, Nevada Smith Armory, Tradecraft Armament, and many others. Are we the biggest? Nope. We still answer our phones and return emails and texts. It’s personal. It’s American. It’s Ranger Proof.

Just like all the other triggers we currently offer, all 3 safeties engage perfectly. This is one of the smoothest operating triggers we have ever seen or built. Simple to install, remove, and 100% American made. We source it with American metals and build it with American hands. Even the bags they come in are made in America. This doesn’t matter to some but it does to us. We can bling it or subdue it.

In this design, we removed the roll pin safety and spring retention and made this a one-sided Allen set screw. After the application of Loctite, this Allen screw will NOT move. It is flush with the outer wall of the shoe and can be removed to exchange trigger safeties.
The trigger pull maintains the Glock factory poundage of about 5.5 lbs however, the pre-travel is eliminated and when the trigger safety is depressed you are “at the pull wall”. The rubbery pull associated with a Glock trigger is gone, no more sandy, gritty, pre-travel to go through. It is a stable platform that will enhance your trigger pull. The “polymer wobble” is gone. Trigger reset is a very distinct click both via hearing and feel.
The design of all three triggers is to eliminate pre-travel and have an accentuated reset. It typically does NOT reduce poundage. The pull poundage will remain in the 4.9-5.5 lb. The triggers are 7075 aluminum and absolutely stop the inherent “polymer wobble” stock Glocks have. The trigger is stable, firm, and offers the diamond cut finger pad for consistent finger placement. These triggers were built to last forever and function flawlessly. If they don’t, see the warranty below.

This is where our Attorney’s head explodes. Our warranty has NO caveat. None. No disclaimer, no excuses, no blame. If you don’t like the trigger, we own it. We will either refund your money or replace what you don’t like. And I really don’t care why. You pay $94 for a trigger it better work. It guaranteed we will make it right. That guarantee has no time limit. Try getting that from one of our competitors


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