Task Force Ranger


The Task Force Ranger represents a complete redesign of the Flat faced pre-travel reduction Glock trigger.

  • 7075 aluminum
  • Safety and safety spring secured with an Allen set screw, not a roll pin.
  • Extended broad contoured trigger safety head that sits closer to polymer frame. Stable.
  • Drop safe in all generations of Glocks.
  • We can color these triggers in any combination up to three colors. The shoe can be one color, the trigger safety another, and we can add accent colors to the top 3 indentions (stripes) for an additional cost. Accent colors are black, white, gray, green, blue, and red. There are literally hundreds of color combinations available.
  • Guaranteed for life. NO caveats. Try getting that guarantee from anyone else.
  • Available for all Glock models and generations.
  • 100% American made. Made with American materials, by American manufacturing, and assembled with Americans who speak American. Yep. Its that important to us.
  • Cannot be eaten or at least chewed. (it’s a Ranger thang)
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The Task Force Ranger represents a complete redesign of the Flat faced pre-travel reduction Glock trigger.
We designed it with three things in mind.

The design of this trigger shoe leaves all three Glock safeties in place when properly installed. We increased the trigger safety length by 1/16
th of an inch, broadened the safety head and conformed the head to the curve of the polymer frame it sits against. All of this provides internal safety stability and takes away movement and wobble. Secondly, we increased the trigger bar pocket 5 degrees allowing the trigger shoe to move forward just enough to force the cruciform onto the safety ledge. The result of these two changes makes this one of the safest after-market flat-faced triggers in the industry.

In this design, we removed the roll pin safety and spring retention and made this a one-sided Allen set screw. After application of Loctite, this Allen screw will NOT move. It is flush with the outer wall of the shoe and can be removed to exchange trigger safeties. 

The trigger pull maintains the Glock factory poundage of about 5.5 lbs however, the pretravel is eliminated and when the trigger safety is depressed you are “at the pull wall”. The rubbery pull associated with a Glock trigger is gone, no more sandy, gritty, pre-travel to go through. It is a stable platform that will enhance your trigger pull. The “polymer wobble” is gone. Trigger reset is a very distinct click both via hearing and feel.

There are NO trigger makers in the industry as versatile in making your trigger as sharp, color coordinated, and interesting than Ranger Proof Swag. A palate of colors is available for the shoe and safety. We can anodize, and cerakote on demand. To make it even more interesting, you can add a third color on the 3 engraved lateral bars on both sides of the trigger. All black, no problem. Black with red safety? No problem. FDE, and bazooka green with black stripes? Yep. Red White and Blue. Of course.

Add in a guarantee that nobody offers. NOBODY.
If for any reason you don’t like the trigger at any time we own it. We will replace it or refund your money. Period.
No conditions, no caveats, no legal team with a paragraph of conditions you must meet. 

All our triggers are made on demand as ordered however, the wait time is usually 1-4 days depending on shop volume. 

The Task Force Ranger trigger was made for the hard shooter, the safe queen, and everything in between. When you pull the trigger it goes bang. If you drop the weapon, it does not go bang. 

This trigger shoe is made to fit all Glock models. We have them for Gen 1-4, Gen 5, Glock 42 and 43, 43x, and 19X.